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Selloa perseeseen!
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Hey chaps, I'm just gonna post this here as well because I have more followers here than in :iconapofamily:.

For those who have not seen this yet: I want to put together a book of Shadowmakers to give to the members of Apocalyptica in November. That's right, I want to give the guys your artwork:la:
If you want to be a part of that then what I'm asking of you, is to listen to the new album Shadowmaker and come up with your own idea of what a Shadowmaker is, what it does, what it means etc, and portray it in art. Even though every Shadowmaker is a bad entity that casts shadows over others, it can still be literally anything, and the victims can be anyone - just one person or many, or even everyone. That is the beauty of the Shadowmaker!

If you need an example, look at the album cover art, or look at these interpretations from other fans who will be featured in the book here, here, and here.

Please read the rules before creating:

1) Artworks can be any visual medium that can be printed in a book.
2) Artworks must be based on your own Shadowmaker idea and/or the story behind it. (Yes you can include band members but only if there are still Shadowmakers in the picture).
3) Blood and nudity is okay (unless you’re including the band members, in which case I don’t want to see them naked or bleeding, thanks. They are going to be seeing your work too, so…)
4) All skill levels are welcome, but regardless of whether you’re a starter or a master, I only want to see your best work. No scribbly sketches, no basic lineart, no unfinished things. Just your best quality stuff! I’m under no obligation to include anything I don’t think is good enough (I highly doubt this will be a problem, but it’s still important to be clear).
5) There's no limit on submissions. Please create as much as you want! Just please note that if you submit substantially more than anyone else, I will ask you to pick your favourites amongst your artwork, as it won't be fair to anyone else.
6) The book will be 21x21cm. Acceptable artwork sizes would be 21x16cm, 16x21cm, 21x21cm, and 36x21cm. (36x21cm is across two pages, so please specify that’s the size you want when sending the picture). Please make them however big you want in real life of course, but just make sure that they are the right dimensions for me to scale down your work without cutting off edges or stretching it. 
7) Please make sure your artworks don’t feature important detail around the edges, since the final print may cut a tiny bit off (or not, but it’s not worth the risk).
8) If photographing or scanning work, please crop out any edges and fix it up before you send it. Also, please send it to me in the biggest and highest quality possible with no watermark (This will be for my use in the book only and I will not be posting them anywhere).
9) Required artist info would be: Name (or nickname), country, and artwork names. Optional info would be a website, artwork explanations, and a short message to the band.
10) It’s going to cost me a small fortune to have five printed, so donations are welcome but not mandatory, since this was my silly idea. Sadly I must ask that artists pay if they want a copy too, sorry :( (Sad) I can’t afford to have them made up for so many people.
11) Oh, and to save messing about, artist order in the book is first come first serve. Not that it really matters, but just so you know it’s not personal if you’re near the back, okay?
12) I'm accepting poetry now as well. It must be in English though so that all the guys can read it. (Minä pahoittelen, että en voi hyväksyä suomenkielen runoja koska minä haluaisin, että Franky voisikin ymmärtää runosi...)
13) The deadline for submissions will be 20th October 2015.
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Sarah Viahh Day
United Kingdom
This photo above, it's Eicca Toppinen and my ridiculously happy self.
Hello random person:D I am Sarah/Viahh/Mum/Crazy Dog Lady or any insult of your choice.
I'm 21 years old and from Ol' Blighty, but please don't call me British unless you are aware that Britain = 3 countries, thanks.;)
I'm interested in art, music, concerts and festivals, meeting musicians, Finland, languages, history, animals, dragons, spiritual things, comedy, video games... boring stuff like that:meow:
My home is at Apocalyptica shows, where I am free.:heart:

Hei suomalaisille! Olen käynyt suomessa jo pari kertaa ja varmasti käyn tulevaisuudessa monta kertaa taas, siis yritän puhua suomea niin usein kuin mahdollista. Jos haluatte, voisitte puhua suomea minulle :D Vai ei puhu suomea! On valintasi.:)
:heart:Perkele by Skuld-Youngest-Norn:heart:

Feel free write comments in any language. I love languages, and being English means that I only ever hear one. And that sucks. So please, make my day :P

Sarah "Viahh" Day

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Well then. Giddy up.:dummy:

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Nú renna, eðr krákarnir munu hafa þik.

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